digital habitat

Digital Habitat is a personalized service for homeowners looking to expand, evolve or upgrade their digital entertainment systems, or for those who simply need help troubleshooting day-to-day tech problems. With clarity and patience, Digital Habitat guides clients through the overwhelming options available in the consumer technology space and helps them gain a better understanding of their current systems, enabling them to make the most of their technology.

From selection to installation to education, Digital Habitat enables clients to enjoy technology, rather than feel frustrated by it. Think of DH as your own personal digital coach, who can help you best understand and take advantage of:

Gadgetry – digital cameras, cell phones, game consoles like XBOX & PS3.

Multimedia Software – how to work with short cuts and organize your photography, home movies and music and make them more productive.

Productivity Software – how to use Microsoft Office or other office suites.

Computers – troubleshoot, repair, help shop and compare all platforms of computers – Windows, Apple.

Audio Visual – we will design and install home theater and educate as you move into the digital music and visual multimedia world that will provide less headaches, more living space and enhance your home’s value.

Digital Habitat was conceived by Allie Eberhardt who has been on the cutting edge of technology for over 15 years. His beginnings with high-end video and digital production at MTV Networks and other entertainment companies helped him migrate into the computer and internet world. After moving to the NYC suburb of Rye, NY in 2001 he saw a need for in-home help for the un-savvy technology consumer. Assisting close friends and relatives on a daily basis the idea flourished into a full-time profession.